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Website Design:

When your website isn’t performing it could be harming your business. Ensure your business stands out online. It’s easy for your website to become outdated over time. Juggling the day to day running of your business and trying to also make time for the important things in life means your website can take a back seat.Let us help with this side of your business and create a website that truly reflects your business and service.As a reflection of your brand and often the first port of call for customers, a website that stands out and showcases your business is vital for continued growth.To make the right impression the first time call Lisa on 07964 356474 to arrange an appointment.

Domains & Hosting:

Fast and efficient hosting for your site means that you never need to worry that your customers will be able to find you.We fully manage both your domain name and site meaning that’s one less thing for you to worry about.We can help you to make the most of areas such as Google SEO. If you have already chosen a domain name then we can simply link that to your new website.If you are still looking for a name we can offer careful advice to help choose the one that will prove most effective in promoting your business.Contact us now for your free, no obligation consultation. Call Lisa on 07964 356474. We’d love to help.

Advertising Review:

Over the years many of our larger clients have fallen into the age old habit of ‘signing the form’ to get rid of the rep!Unfortunately this means that they have ended up with advertising campaigns that are not right for their business and monthly outgoings that are completely unnecessary.We pride ourselves on offering honest unbiased advice.The bottom line is we have no targets to hit so we can advise on what the business needs rather than what our manager says we have to sell that month!We offer a free review of all of your advertising. After talking to you and getting a better understanding of your business needs we can advise you the best way to proceed and hopefully save you a lot of wasted money!Call Lisa today on 07964 356474 to arrange a refreshingly honest meeting.

Search Engine Optimisation:

As the internet grows in size and more people turn to Google for answers, the importance of SEO is increasing with it. If your website is not appearing at the top of the search engines for keywords relating to your services or products then your business is suffering. You need to change that!With the constant ongoing changes in Google it’s even more important that the links your SEO company build for you are of excellent quality. Our team have years of experience from studying the search engines and predicting what works now, and what will continue to work in the future. Our team know exactly what they are doing!We work with you to create a plan of action that allows your business to gain as high a ranking, and appear as frequently as possible. We undertake both on- and off- page areas such as link building, meta tag set-up and the creation of powerful content and effective press releases.

Google Marketing:

This is where SEO and Pay Per Click come in. Whilst SEO is brilliant for long term traffic growth, its good to reinforce it with pay per click. It’s a way of ensuring your advertising is targeted effectively to get to your potential customer. By using the right keywords and phrases your advert can appear right by the Google search results.You know that the people searching are already interested in your type of company, products or services. One simple click and they are through to your website and ready to contact you!Through constant refinement of keywords, bids, and target audiences we make sure your campaigns are making the most of your budget. We don’t just track the clicks, we look at what happens after the click whilst the customers are on your site. This gives you a very clear picture of exactly where your customers are coming from and what they are looking for.The extensive experience within our team helps us to achieve real returns on your investment for all trade or business types.

Google Analytics:

In today’s online environment it’s possible to monitor almost every aspect of digital marketing.By building analytics into your site we can tell you exactly how many people are finding you and where from. This enables you to have complete control over your advertising as it doesn’t matter how many ‘hits’ the reps tell you you’ve had we can see the facts!You’ll often find you’ve got more data than you even need!We look after this for you and extract the most important bits to keep it simple. This is information that will help improve your bottom line. Analytics is at the heart of everything we do. You’ll know who’s visiting your site, where from, how long they are looking at it for and – crucially – if they’re buying.

Social Media marketing:

Great marketing is no longer about a one way conversation with your customers, but about building a bank of engaged customers. Your brand needs to be in front of your customers – and its no secret that millions of people use social media every day!Whether on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or the other sites that continue to spring up there are massive opportunities to talk about your business to both regular customers and potential future ones.Facebook is a great way to gain “friends” for your business, and be liked by many more. This allows others to do the work for you by sharing the information you provide. Twitter allows you to instantly talk to many potential customers, offering bite size chunks of information. Linkedin is a place to build a large business network to both give and gain professional advice.We can help you make the most of social media and maximise your presence to target a previously untapped market.

Logo Design:

A good logo should enhance your business image. Create the right first impression and give the customer confidence in your company. Once it has been created it will act as a permanent signpost to your business.Our team work to your brief to create the right brand image for your company.We need to make sure:•Your logo is truly unique to your company and not similar to another business•It needs to work effectively in the many places it will be used. •Keep it simple! This seems to look better and work more effectively than wacky or complicated designs.Once we have an idea of what you’d like our team will develop some concepts for you. We can then make any necessary tweaks and deliver the finished version ready to use.Our logo design service starts from just £50.

Video Marketing:

With almost a billion individual users each month this is a vital place to promote your business! The major search engines (especially Google) are giving more credit to websites that have video content.You might have noticed that when you use search engines such as Google that a video is returned in the search results section.These videos range from showcasing your business to tools and training demonstrations. They can help the customer to understand more about your business and what service you are offering.Together we will look at the possible opportunities to promote your business and services. These can be used as promotional material, on YouTube and presented on your website.

Email marketing:

Direct email marketing is a way of introducing both new and existing clients to your latest offers and services.Effectively used and carefully targeted professionally produced emails can be a cost effective way to promote your business.Working closely with our team you can be confident that we will get your message to your target market.Call us to discuss how we can help you in this key area.


The content on your website should be specifically chosen to target a specific audience. It’s not exactly rocket science, is it?When it comes to the content of your website we can guide you to ensure its engaging to your target audience.Whilst this is important the key thing with copy is that’s its discoverable and key word targeted for search engines (Google!).Whether you are looking for new website content or just a re write, press releases or just help with a regular blog give us a call to see how a copywriter can help.

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